MADGrow Tech

Madgrow Tech Brunei was established and registered in February 2017 and officially launched its main office in July 2017 at the Ground Floor of Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism by the Minister, Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia​ Awang Haji Ali Bin Apong.

Leading the team of Madgrow Tech is Managing Director, Wan Muhammad Syazwan Bin Haji Hijazi @Wanzzy Hijazi  and Mohd Hijazi Bin Hj Juli@Temengong A.M.H Shibli as the Corporate Advisor.

In an industry where hard work and dedication are revered, Madgrow Tech aims to provide methods and technologies that sees to improve farming in everyday use. Madgrow Tech ensures focus on innovation especially with the rise of various farming technologies, farmers are now able to monitor, maintain, and grow their farms at whether at the comfort of their own home or travelling overseas.



  • To promote Technology Development on Agriculture, in hopes of transforming ways to aid the government in providing sufficient food supply to Brunei’s increasing population.
  • To re-invent Modern Farming and introduce Farmbot to the public.
  • To promote urban farming using recycled materials and encourage the use of second hand and used materials
  • To raise awareness in the importance of preserving Brunei’s forests.
  • To develop better and improved Aquaponic and Hydroponic systems.
  • To provide farming Technology Solutions to the society.
  • To decrease the reliance of importing food and hence,
  • To increase locally made products by enhancing the quality and quantity of products.
  • To encourage Bruneians to plant their own food at their home indoor or outdoor.
  • To provide Technology Outsourcing services
  • To provide Metal Fabrication Products
  • To provide 3D printing services and products.



Wan Muhammad Syazwan Bin Muhammad Hijazi @ Wanzzy Hijazi
Nor Diyanah Binti Haji Mohammad Suhardi
Siti Nurulhafizah Binti Nohili
Nur Maziyyah Binti Haji Abdul Hamid


MADGrow Tech provides various services.


MadGrow Tech is a multi-functioning company and we have the means to provide a wide variety of services, as follows: 

  • Crop and Animal production, Hunting and related services activities
  • Fishery and Aquaculture
  • Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Chemicals and Botanical Products
  • Manufacture of Rubber and Plastic Products
  • Manufacture of Basic Metals
  • Manufacture of Fabricated Metal Products, except Machinery and Equipment
  • Manufacture of Computers, Electronic and Optical Products
  • Manufacture of Electrical Equipment
  • Repair and Installation of Machinery and Equipment
  • Specialized Construction Activities
  • Wholesale Trade, except of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
  • Retail Trade, except of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles 
  • Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities
  • Services to Bulding and Landscape Activities