Digital pH Meter with ATC


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Digital pH meter with ATC is one of the smallest general use digital pH meters available in the market. Digital pH meter with ATC can be used to measure the pH of chemical solutions, milk, beverages, juices, water or any other water based liquid. Unlike bulky desktop pH meters, you don’t have to bring the samples to the lab. This pen style pH meter is easy to carry and may be used at any test location including laboratories, homes, farms and lakes. It comes with use instructions, small screw driver and calibration instructions.

Specifications of digital pH meter with atc:

  • Range : 0.0 ~ 14.0 pH

  • Resolution : 0.1 pH

  • Accuracy : ±0.2 pH

  • Operating Temperature : 00C ~ 500C

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation : Yes

  • Power Supply : 4 x 1.55V AG13 Button cell battery Included

  • Dimension : 142mm x 29mm x 15mm

  • Weight : 51g


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