Farmbot Genesis

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FarmBot Genesis is an open source precision agriculture CNC farming project consisting of a cartesean coordinate robot farming machine, software and documentation including a farming data repository.

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Farmbot Genesis is an automated precision farming machine where the owner can farm from anywhere such that the farmbot can be located outdoor or indoor such as greenhouse. Farmbot Genesis can be access anywhere as long as it is connected to the Internet. This will enable the user to access Farmbot Genesis even when they are out of the country.

Farmbot Genesis can be use for commercial production where it can be use for testing purposes. Farmbot Genesis takes care of each plant individually and allow you to quickly design and run experiments with different aspects and all of it at a fraction of the cost.

The Farmbot Genesis has the following area:

  • Max growing area: ~1.4m x ~2.9m
  • Max plant height: ~0.5m
  • Machine width: Up to 1.5m
  • Machine length: Up to 3m
  • Machine height: Up to 1.5m
  • Hardware version: v1.4

What’s inside the box of Farmbot Genesis

  • Aluminum extrusions for the tracks, gantry, and z-axis
  • 5mm anodized aluminum plates
  • V-wheels with stainless steel rubber sealed ball bearings
  • Injection molded UV stabilized ABS plastic components
  • Stainless steel screws, tee nuts, spacers, and other hardware
  • Four NEMA 17 stepper motors with rotary encoders and cables
  • GT2 timing belts and aluminum pulleys
  • Durable plastic cable carriers
  • 8mm high tolerance stainless steel leadsrew and delrin block
  • IP67 rainproof power supply with 110 and 220V AC input
  • Raspberry Pi 3 and 8GB microSD card
  • Farmduino microcontroller with mounted and tested stepper drivers
  • Custom rainproof electronics enclosure
  • Universal tool mount, cover, and 12-wire cable
  • Seed injector tool with vacuum pump, tubing, seed bin, seed tray, and customizable luer lock needles (3 sizes included)
  • Watering nozzle tool with solenoid valve, tubing, and adapters for a standard US garden hose
  • Soil sensor tool
  • Weeding tool with customizable implements
  • IP67 rainproof USB Camera and mounting hardware
  • Two 3-slot toolbays
  • All tools needed for assembly


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