MG-2 Set



MG-2 set is a smart hydroponic tabletop integrated home grow set with LED grow light. It has a smart control where it can remind you when there is a lack of water inside the water basin. MG-2 set also has timer mode thus there is no need to concern on lighting time.

MG-2 set can be suitable for everyone, such as kids, adults, family, office, kitchen and etc as it can be a great gift to anyone even for those who does not like to plant. MG-2 set uses new hydroponics technology which is clean, convenient, safe, easy, and does not require too much care.

The grow light is a multi-functional light. The lamp can be use for both table lamp and a home grow light. It can be turn on by a simple switch. The light height is adjustable with plants growth by 180 degrees (at least 27cm) and this light can really help to grow flowers and vegetables well as the power of the grow light is 7.5W.

You can start to plant the seeds directly into the vermiculite. There is no need to plant the seed else where and propagate the plant to the mg-2. You only need to fill in the water inside the water basin until the indicated level and watch how the seeds turn into a seedlings and into a full grown plants.

The special features are:

  1. Light is a multi-function light
  2. Light’s height is adjustable as it can be adjust for bigger plants
  3. Relative higher power 7.5W & Timer control
  4. Integrated design
  5. Big grow box 9.3*9.3*12cm with the weight of 1 KG for bigger plants & better growing
  6. Can start from seeds, no need propogating
  7. Suitable for home, balcony, kitchen, office.
  8. Color: White

MG-2 set includes:

  1. 2 pots, 1 basin
  2. ABS main control
  3. Growlight (2 color, white & red)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 26 × 11.5 × 38.5 cm


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