MG-3 Premium Set



MG-3 Premium Set allow the growth of big plants. It contains 6.5L LED grow light and metal rack where it can be put anywhere for good growth such as indoor and places which does not have sunlight. The grow light has adjustable height thus it can be adjusted to match the height of your plants.

You only need to put the seeds into the vermiculite and fill in the water inside the water basin. The buoy is provided to show how much water is needed inside the water basin.

The set is suitable for everyone such as kids, adults. It can also be made as a good gift to others as well even for those who does not like to plant or does not know how to plant.

MG-3 Premium Set includes:

  1. 1 big single basin & 3 pots,
  2. Aluminium metal rack size around: 55(L)*22(W)*60(H)cm with adjustable function for light
  3. Grow light specification: 24W LED grow light(white & red), light height adjustable,
  4. Weight: 9 KG,
  5. ABS main control(water level sensor),
  6. Suitable for varieties of big plants like tomatoes, egg plants, big cabbage, a good indoor garden item

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 55 × 22 × 60 cm


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