MG-3 Trellis



MG-3 Trellis is a smart hydroponic big home grow set for big plants with the water of 6.5L. MG-3 trellis can be use to plant big plants indoor and it should be put where it could get good sunshine/sunlight. It is suitable for big plants like melons, tomatoes or climber plant whether it is place at home, balcony and small scale greenhouse.

You can also start planting from the seeds where propagation is not needed. To grow plants inside the MG-3 Trellis, you need to drop the seeds into the vermiculite and fill in water inside the water basin. The water level is indicated inside the basin.

MG-3 Trellis can be suitable for everyone, kids, adults, school teaching and many others even for those who does not like planting. It uses new hydroponics technology which is clean, convenient, safe, easy, and does not need too much care.

MG-3 Trellis features:

  1. You can start planting the seeds inside the unit as there is no need to transplant the plants from other places,
  2. You can plant in any countries or any seasons indoor,
  3. Intelligent control with big basin and built-in pump for good circulation,
  4. It does not require a lot of care as it will remind you when it need water and fertilizers,
  5. The planting period is shortened by 30%, at the same time, output can increased by 30% too, make planting easy and convenient,
  6. It has good material and long lasting by about 10 years,
  7. You can plant as many as you want, it can be enlargeable,
  8. It is clean, convenient and safe, and no pesticide are needed & there is no usage of heavy metal,
  9. You can also plant in any season indoor, a special good scene,
  10. It is suitable for everyone, kids would love it, old and adults would all be interested by this experience.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 18 × 20 cm


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