2-in-1 Soil pH Tester and Moisture Meter Analyzer


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Soil pH Tester Moisture meter is a cost effective agriculture analyzer. It is ideal and a necessary tool for gardeners, vegetable and fruit growers, and all those who plant trees and grass. Soil pH Tester Moisture meter is use for outdoor & indoor plants, gardens & grass lawn. It has a 300 mm long probe which allow for measuring the moisture of soil at root level. No battery are required for this meter, it is simple and convenient to use. To use the meter, you only need to simply insert the meter into the soil and read the scale.

Specifications of Soil pH Tester Moisture meter:

  • pH range : 3pH (Acidic) ~ 8pH (Alkaline)

  • Moisture range : 0 (Dry) ~ 9 (Wet)

  • Probe dimension : Ø10mm x 300mm

  • Overall dimension : 55mm x 50mm x 415mm

  • Overall weight : approx. 104g


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